Hacks on How to Become a Winner in Slither.io

Slither.io is a well-known multiplayer game, which features the simplest specialties of mobile Snake. It is supposed to be the best browser-based hit after Agarz. Slither.io was released in 2016. Since then it remains on the list of the best .io games.

One thing that will attract you is a leaderboard that represents the names of the best players regularly. If your snake becomes one of the longest in the game, you will see your nickname at the top of that leaderboard. If you want to experience this, follow our tips, which will tell you how to become the best snake in Slither.io.

If you want to succeed in any playing Agarz and Slitherio, you have to be aware of what you are required to do to achieve leadership. That’s not hard to guess what you should do in Slither.io – eat dots and protect your snake’s face from being hurt by another player or a wall. Consider that touching and hitting your tail is not dangerous.

First of all, you should create a unique name, which will represent your snake. Some players are pretty creative and if you are fond of funny nicks, you should think of it for a while. If you have no ideas about that, just skip this stage and you will get blank space. We recommend you not to use bad words as they will not be accepted.

Hack No1: Look for Food

At the very beginning, your character is not large enough to attract other players’ attention so you can freely move searching for places with a lot of dots. These dots are what will help you to grow in size. Try to eat as many of them as you can. When you are small don’t go far from the areas that contain a lot of food. If you find such a location, you will be able to grow up to 1000 in a few minutes without any difficulties. This length is necessary for continuing competing on equal terms. When you’ve reached it, the dots are not so important for you. After that, you have to try another role in this game.

Hack No2: Try Scavenging

You have to find snakes that are larger than yours. They are usually looking for meals at the center of the area. Get pinned between them and continue swallowing dots with lower risks. This is a defensive strategy and you have to use it to stay at the game for a longer period.

The most frequent mistake players do is running for food after one of the opponent’s death. This idea comes to the mind of every player and they simply hit each other. It can cause an unstoppable chain of snake deaths. What should you do in such cases? The solution is not attempting to reach the food before other snakes but boosting across the tail of food, diving it in half. This approach is more beneficial than useless running for a meal and hitting each other.

Hack No3: Defensive Tips

Succeeding in such multiplayer games is impossible without defending yourself from being attacked by other players. Some snakes in the area are quite aggressive and they don’t fancy missing the opportunity to have a meal. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of those aggressive players because there are some tips for protecting your snake. If you do well with them, your opponent will leave you searching for some easier methods of becoming larger. One thing you should always consider while using these tips is that your face is the only part of the body you have to protect to stay alive.

Tip No1: Loopback

This thing works better for long snakes that aim to protect themselves from a not large number of enemies. This method is simple to use because Slither.io gameplay provides you with the possibility to cross over your tail and not be hurt with that. However, your tail should be long enough to protect your snake from being attacked by an aggressive opponent.

Tip No2: Curl Up

Don’t try to use this strategy against much bigger foes because the most experienced of them can use your attempts to their advantage. They will simply encircle you so that there will be no way out of that trap. However, if your potential aggressor is the same size or a little bit larger, this tip is likely to help you to prevent the danger. Just stay circling and look at your opponents’ behavior. If everything goes OK you are likely to stay alive in that mini-struggle.

Hack No4: Find More Benefits

The main thing you should take care of in this game is your safety. Do not think that the larger you are the more protected you are, because you become a target of smaller snakes. They can prepare different traps that will put up the end for everything you have done before. That’s why you should always be careful and continue eating your meals for growing larger and larger. For that, look for a spacious area where you will be able to eat enough food and avoid all the possible threats. If you go on well with it, it might be even not necessary to hunt for smaller snakes. However, that is a thing you should also consider.

Hack No5: Attacking Strategies

If you think that an aggressive way of competing is not the best idea for reaching the leaderboard of Slither.io, you are pretty right because a slow manner of playing is much safer and beneficial especially for inexperienced players. However, on the contrary, hunting smaller snakes might be quite entertaining. Except for that, you get more food and can grow faster than if you didn’t chase for your opponents. Look at these tactics and consider their disadvantages as well.

Tip No1: Use Traps

With your large size, you can attract smaller players and lurk them to a certain location. You are better to rely on the areas with a vast variety of foods so there would be more motivation for them to chase you. When you gather them at a certain area, just encircle your victims. Be careful and don’t use this tactic against too big opponents. It might be too risky for you. All in all, looping your tiny enemies is not a difficult task but the benefits are considerable enough to try this strategy.

Tip No2: Cut Them Off

The worst thing you can do in Slither.io is running side-by-side to your opponent. This is a very inconvenient position for both players and here you are trying your luck. To take the advantage of this position, boost and turn towards your potential victim. You should double back around the enemy-snake and put the efforts not to give the space to turn.

If you are successful in both strategies you are almost at the top of the list and that is what you aimed for. However, there’s no point in trying to hunt all the smaller snakes because they are pretty dangerous when they are controlled by skilled players. From the moment when your snake is huge and you are close to top-20 players, the game becomes less competitive, challenging, and it seems to be more monotonous. Safe playing is the only way to achieve the highest positions on the leaderboard because ventures usually lead to unpredictable results, which are not very desired. The larger you are, the more aggressive small snakes become. That’s why your inert strategy can bring you lots of benefits. If you are smart enough you will easily notice that larger players don’t usually consider this, so they can die faster than you. This is the main advantage for you because they are your main opponents at the leaderboard. Simply speaking, when you are larger than 5000 you can simply wait until some of the rivals will die due to their silly attempts to continue playing aggressively.


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