breaks the top of the world charts. The demand is huge, but is the $72,000 real revenue?

In 2015, became a global phenomenon, and a year later the world of mobile games was replenished with another cool novelty. Reincarnating the all-time classic Snake, along with multiplayer mode – and we get the time-consuming game

The total downloads on the App Store and Google Play reached about 4 million downloads, making the leader in download charts. Even projects like Piano Tiles 2 and Clash Royale are left behind.

However, despite such success and worldwide popularity, the game made only $72,000. Apptopia Business Intelligence Service reported such data. These statistics were collected within one month.

Initially, the game was released only for fun, without the aim of making money. But maintaining servers is costly. Therefore, soon, developers implemented ads in the game through Admob and Google Mobile Ads. For the convenience of users who are bored with ads, there is also an option to disable ads for $ 4.

Revenue cloning

And yet, Apptopia notes that’s revenue is much higher. Despite the decrease in the number of downloads, the profit is already estimated at $ 80,000. Apptopia says cloning money is pretty cool. But whether this is right from a moral point of view is up to you. also makes money from ads and the $2 ad-mute feature.

The main leader in popularity and revenue, of course, remains the leader in this genre of browser games. At one time, it overtook Fallout 4 in popularity. The game also didn’t have monetization at first. However, ads and a full F2P meta-game layer, including XP and in-game currency, appeared soon.

It seems to be such a simple game with an accessible interface, but it quickly pushed the old leaders. is one of the top 200 profitable games and generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every month. Based on the concept of, browser games are still being created. And it makes this genre more and more popular.

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