Agario and other free browser games to play.

It’s not always necessary to upload the mainstream games from Steam or other services. Moreover, there’s no need to buy a mega upgraded PC because browser games don’t require that. There’s no need to be provided with a perfect internet connection to waste some free minutes playing these games. Students and office employees also like such time spending, because it doesn’t take too much time but perfectly entertains during a hard, working day.

Today there is a wide variety of such games, so I’m sure that you will find many new and exciting. Everything depends on your tastes: you can play online with other players or try single-player games. These conditions don’t demand you to be very skillful or keen on video games. Of course, some alertness and other qualities will help you, but the main aim is to have fun.

If this genre is not your cup of tea, we will recommend visiting Steam and Epic Store. Don’t be so pessimistic. There are plenty of quality things there for free.


The main difference between this game and agario is the shape of the characters. In slitherio, you will control not a blob but a snake. This peculiarity means that you are longer, and also, it’s impossible to absorb other players. Try to score points by eating foods. Despite the fact you can’t swallow your opponents, you can destroy them using different methods, including forcing them to run into your body.

The rival snake will vanish into thin, and you will get everything it gathered. Skins are also available, and dare say, that they are pretty cool. Pay attention to this exciting addition.

Final Fantasy Tactics Battleground

Maybe you heard about games that are not designed to play on a browser, but there are unique, convenient versions available in such a specific area. FFTB is one of those games that are played not only on browsers. Here you pay all your attention to the tactical fights and receive a profit from them. You bet that you can select a particular character with its peculiarities, pros and cons, and exciting skills if nothing went wrong. It is as popular on Twitch as Pokemon. So, pay attention to this.

Treasure Arena

If you want to step on a pedestal in this arena, you should pay all effort to stay undefeated as long as possible. You will fight in a dungeon for a treasure. You will have to compete versus three other players. That user who has the most significant amount of gold at the end will be declared as a winner.

To stay in the game till the end, use different upgrades and level-ups that are available. Be careful and wise as except for players, there also some NPCs who won’t let you take all the treasure. They are powerful and can cause a lot of trouble. Now we have a full version of this game called Super Treasure Arena.

War Brokers

This game is known as an excellent online shooter. You will have to fight against enemies together with your teammates. Some missions will include deathmatches. Except for various kinds of weapons, you can switch on different modes. At the battleground, you can also find vehicles which can bring you a lot of advantages.

This is the game that introduces you to real challenges, so be ready to see a lot of violence. If you are sick of all those violence and brutality, you’d better avoid War Brokers. However, if you don’t feel afraid of it, you may also try Raid. Land.

Town of Salem

The plot of the Town of Salem is based on the well-known game called Mafia. The aim is the same: you have to reassure other players to do what is more beneficial. That’s pretty unusual to experience this online. However, that makes the game even more puzzled as well as easier for criminals. If you are the mafioso, you have to forget about the truth and frank behavior, and when you act as a townsperson, you have to catch criminals.

There’s no need to explain all roles, as most of you know what their functions are. You have to use your deduction and other skills of your mind to succeed in this game in simple words.

One more addition is that other players will know the opinion of a murdered person. After every killing, the victim writes a will explaining to other players his last thoughts about the Mafia. This playing is for those who like mind games.

Neptune’s Pride

If you prefer some futuristic ideas, Pride is what you have to try. It combines strategies with exciting galactic invasions. A few users begin with a small space system of stars and then expend this system until they meet other users. They may murder each other if they think it will bring benefits.

Sounds easy, but you understand that it’s a pretty complicated staff when you see that everything happens in real-time. You can waste a few days moving to the other star. You can choose different ways and play as a powerful invader or as a peaceful lord. I don’t know the exact reason, but usually, gamers prefer to select the first one.


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